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We have zero, nada, no affiliation whatsoever with The Bachelor, ABC or anything related. We are similar to Reality Steve except we know way less. Way way less.

Calling all Bachelor Nation Fans!

Take you Bachelor obsession to the next level! Choose your desired season or customize your contestants below. Who will make it to hometowns? Who will get the final rose?? Find out now and discover your desired ending to the show! There are hundreds of different ways the drama can unfold, which one is the perfect ending? The reality or the simulated one? Explore the inside drama of the Bachelor mansion and become more of an insider than Chris Harrison!


So come jump on in! We're ready to see who finds true love. Please don't take offense to the way people are let go from the show. Everything is purely generated at random!

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Simublast lets you explore all of this! By generating randomized scenarios for group dates, rose

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, Episode 9 recap: There’s trouble in Paradise

Tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 brought us back to Joe and Serena kissing on the beach and Kendall watching with a sad expression on her face. Kendall and Joe had a heartfelt conversation, which ended with Kendall leaving the beach. Joe only had eyes for Serena. Demar and Ed joined the beach this […]

Who went home on Bachelor in Paradise this week? (Season 7, episode 9)

We’re another week down on Bachelor in Paradise season 7! Episode 9 began with a tough conversation that led to a self-elimination, and then we got two new arrivals. The eventfulness didn’t stop there as contestants told each other they were falling in love, plus a major storm almost canceled the rest of Paradise! Fortunately, […]