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This is where you can customise the names and pictures of a tribute.

Please Note: Updating these settings below will RESET the simulation

Hint: To mark any tributes as favourite to win or be in the top 5, please click the    icon to mark them as favourite to be in the top 5.

District 1
District 2
District 3
  District 3 Male
  District 3 Female
District 4
  District 4 Male
  District 4 Female
District 5
  District 5 Male
District 6
  District 6 Female
District 7
  District 7 Male
  District 7 Female
District 8
  District 8 Male
  District 8 Female
District 9
  District 9 Male
  District 9 Female
District 10
  District 10 Male
  District 10 Female
District 11
District 12